Bernkastel-Kues, surroundings and activities

Magnificent hiking tours lead through forests and vineyards where you will have beautiful views of Bernkastel, the river Mosel, castles and fortresses.

Some interesting stages of the famous Moselsteig, a recognized hiking trail, are accessible from Bernkastel.

Wandern Mosel

We can also recommend bike rides along the Mosel (you may bring your own bikes or rent them in Bernkastel). There are various tours from Bernkastel through the famous Riesling vineyards. You may also discover old, railroad lines which are no longer in use and which have been transformed to bicycle lanes leading to the regions of the Hunsrück and the Eifel (there are buses that bring you back to your starting point).

Both in Bernkastel and its vicinity, you may enjoy the vines of the Mosel, in particular the famous Riesling. Many wine-growers offer the typical vines in their shops.


Along the Mosel, enthusiasts of history will certainly enjoy themselves!

The park of the museum Belginum is easily accessible from Bernkastel. Here, you may admire discoveries and exhibitions of the Romans as well as from earlier periods of the Celts.

Bernkastel’s fortress stands on a wall of an old Roman’s fortress dating from the 3rd century. In the vineyards, you may visit several Roman cellars where they used to press vine.

Marktplatz Bernkastel-Kues

You may also marvel at Bernkastel’s old town with its historic market place. Many houses date back to the 16th or 17th century. Our house (Markt 13) was built in 1689, its basement should be around 300 years old.

Our shop Ambiente WeinStein is located at our house (Markt 13), too. Our motto says: one can never have enough beautiful things... so come and look around!

Behind our house (Markt 13), there is the old city’s tower from the 13th century. One hundred years later, the tower was united with the church and reconfigured to become its steeple.

The famous son of the Mosel, Cusanus, born in 1401, commissioned an interesting foundation in Kues, which was completed in 1458. It is a splendid building with a chapel and a cloister and it is home to the famous collection of Cusanus’ books.

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